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  • Infloresce & Friends: Anhelo

    Come celebrate Promtastik’s new album with an hour of digital fusion! When:Saturday, November 1910-11pm Central Europe( Find your time zone! ) Where:7jam | Twitch The main event will be hosted in 7jam. We’ll also host an alternate stream on Twitch for people who can‘t access 7jam. ✨ Featured Artists ✨ PromtastikCosmicGemdoctorn0glofffather pHunter Van BrocklinJason M.…

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  • Album Premiere: ‘Anhelo’ by Promtastik

    Infloresce Records presents: Anhelo by Promtastik—a stunning fusion of classical piano, chiptune, and Armenian and Spanish folk music. When:Thursday, November 17 — 3pm PacificFriday, November 18 — 12am Central Europe( Find your time zone! ) Where:Infloresce’s YouTube Channel Requirements: Etiquette: Content Information:

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