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Infloresce & Friends: SAVIOR

Text reads, "Infloresce & Friends." An illustration of a young woman with flowers in her hair, hugging large dahlia flowers to her chest.
Art by Aggelic Yiok

Come listen to telebasher’s new album, SAVIOR, with an opening showcase of digital fusion by her friends!


Saturday, May 6 @ 1pm Pacific / 3pm Central
( Find your time zone! )


7jam | Twitch

The event will take place in 7jam and we’ll stream it on Twitch. (If you have access to a desktop computer, feel free to join us in 7jam!)

Featured Artists

hanna lee
lena raine


– Internet access.
For 7jam: web browser. (Please note—it does not work on iPhone.)
For Twitch: web browser or Twitch app.


– Chat and comment on the songs in real time.
– Please be kind to everyone and supportive of all artists.

About 7jam:

7jam is a virtual jam space built by tenfour, a musician and engineer in our community. People are represented by a text box with their username, and are free to move about the venue.

Our recommended age for attendees who wish to participate and chat is 16+ since you’ll be mingling with adults in a virtual night club.

Accessibility Options:

– In the top left of the screen, you can adjust the volume of the music.

– In the top right of the screen, there is an option to disable the visuals and view the text chat only.

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