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Infloresce & Friends: Meanwhile

Art by Aggelic Yiok

Come listen to aivi & surasshu’s new album, Meanwhile, with an opening showcase of digital fusion!


Saturday, September 30
( Find your time zone! )


7jam | Twitch

The event will take place in 7jam and we’ll additionally stream it on Twitch. (If you have access to a desktop computer, feel free to join us in 7jam!)

Featured Artists

Hunter Van Brocklin & blue.nocturne
Jeff Ball
Maddie Lim & Michaela Nachtigall
miles morkri


– Internet access.
For 7jam: web browser. (Please note—it does not work on iPhone.)
For Twitch: web browser or Twitch app.


– Chat and comment on the songs in real time.
– Please be kind to everyone and supportive of all artists.

About 7jam:

7jam is a virtual jam space built by tenfour, a musician and engineer from our community. People are represented by a text box with their username, and are free to move about the venue.

Our recommended age for attendees who wish to participate and chat is 16+ since you’ll be mingling with adults in a virtual night club.

Accessibility Options:

– In the top left of the screen, you can adjust the volume of the music.

– In the top right of the screen, there is an option to disable the visuals and view the text chat only.

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