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Infloresce Vol. 1 – Floral Folklore

by Various Artists

A collaborative album that was created in front of a livestream audience in only an hour, as part of our charity festival for trans benefit. Six composers were each given a secret prompt and allowed to prepare instruments and sounds before the day of the composition battle.

The album follows the journey of River and Skye, an axolotl and a raccoon, as they travel to different places.

The result was an inspiring showcase of speed, skill, and creativity from our six composers.

Track List

1. Cerulean Caverns – Hunter Van Brocklin
2. Rosebud Ravine – Frums
3. Luminous Lagoon – Ash Astral
4. Groove Gardens – M Gewehr
5. Bubble Bay – Maddie Lim
6. Tangled Terrace – mandrasigma

Mastered by miles morkri
Art by Loni CB

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