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ALBUM RELEASE: ‘SAVIOR’ by telebasher

An event flyer featuring the album artwork for "SAVIOR" by telebasher. A delicate, decapitated angel is painted in soft, pastel colors, and juxtaposed with glitch effects. She holds her left hand to her heart, and her right hand is upright with two fingers raised, resembling a religious figure.
Album art by Xin Tang

Come hang out and listen to telebasher’s debut album!


Thursday, May 4 @ 9:30pm Central / 7:30pm Pacific
( Find your time zone! )


Infloresce’s Twitch Channel


– Internet access.
– Web browser or Twitch app.


– Chat and comment on the songs in real time.
– Please be kind to everyone and supportive of all artists.

Content Info:

– Duration: 45 minutes. (The album is 20 minutes long—we’ll play it twice.)
– During the stream, we will play through the album, with slow animated visuals based on the album artwork.

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