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Album Premiere: ‘Anhelo’ by Promtastik

Event flyer, featuring the album cover of Anhelo. A person with abstract shapes emanating from their heart.
Album art by supernovaleslie

Infloresce Records presents: Anhelo by Promtastik—a stunning fusion of classical piano, chiptune, and Armenian and Spanish folk music.

Thursday, November 17 — 3pm Pacific
Friday, November 18 — 12am Central Europe

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Infloresce’s YouTube Channel


  • Internet access.
  • Web browser or YouTube app.


  • Chat and comment on the songs in real time.
  • Please be kind to everyone and supportive of all artists.

Content Information:

  • Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Videos contain a colorful music visualizer, with horizontal bars sliding across the screen, and gentle animations.
  • All ages are welcome to watch the premiere. Our community is
    generally friendly and PG, but there may occasionally be swear words or adult themes in the chat.

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