Infloresce Records is a label for gentle music that goes hard. We specialize in digital fusion and indie classical music, and we love genre-bending!

We’re a diverse collective of composers who make instrumental music infused with bittersweet melodies, kaleidoscopic harmonies, and enthralling rhythms. Aivi Tran and Miles Morkri run the label with collaborative help from all our musicians. We’re primarily based in the US.

Thank you for listening and supporting independent music!

How We Began

Infloresce Records was founded by Aivi Tran—a non-binary mom, piano teacher, and award-winning score composer for the internationally acclaimed series Steven Universe on Cartoon Network. After a decade of producing music for television and video games, Aivi felt burned out by the exploitative practices of creative industries and the way marginalized artists’ perspectives were frequently suppressed.

Aivi decided to step back from industry work and start Infloresce Records, a space where composers could create beautiful, personally expressive music and enjoy a sense of community. The name “Infloresce” was created by Aivi’s friend, writer and artist Ko Green.


Owner & Director
Aivi Tran (they/them)

Associate Producer
Miles Morkri (they/them)

Album Mastering
aivi & surasshu (they/them, he/him)

Liner Notes Editor
Ryan Yoshikami (he/him)

Aggelic Yiok (she/her)

Special Thanks

Label Name
Ko Green

Logo & Website Art
Genie Liang

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